About the Long Island Youth Summit

The Long Island Youth Summit is a year-round educational program that is a partnership between the Northwell Health, St. Joseph’s College, Vision Long Island, and a number of other public and private organizations.  The first Long Island Youth Summit took place in 2009 in Oakdale, NY. 

Every year about 300 students from many Long Island school districts are selected to participate in the Summit’s annual conference. Students who have submitted  the best projects go on to participate in the annual conference where they work with top experts to develop solutions to a host of socio-medical, environmental, and social challenges. To become finalists, students have to submit original projects to the Summit’s Selection Committee and be selected to participate based on the quality of their projects.

The purpose of the Summit is to engage young people as early as possible in thinking about and solving the problems related to local and regional social, economic, and environmental issues.  The Summit aims at developing research, creative, and social skills of high school students by allowing them to work collaboratively with leaders in business, government, and non-profit sectors.  The Summit also aims to bring together talented students of diverse backgrounds from different school districts across Long Island and to give these students an opportunity to work together in collaborative, solution-oriented teams.