1. What is leadership? What does being a leader mean?
2. What are the examples of leaders and leadership in our society that you admire the most?
3. What are the ways in which teens can fulfill their leadership potential?
4. How can teens lead to help Long Island to preserve its environment, to grow its economy, and to be a socially vibrant place to live?
5. Are you and/or your friends teen leaders?  What are the examples of things that you do as a teen leader?
6. How can teens prepare to be leaders in workplace in the future?
7. How can teens be leaders in their community?
8. What can adults (school teachers/ parents/ politicians/ employers) do to better help teens to prepare to be future leaders?

Special Assignments

For the 2017 Leadership topic submission you can choose to write about one of the topics or about all three:

(1)  In the recent two years the media reported on a number of situations where racial tension or a racial confrontation was present.  What would you do to reduce racial tensions if you lived in a diverse community where racial tensions were present?

(2)  We know that 2016 was the warmest year on record and that the Earth’s climate is changing due to industrial pollution and the human use of finite fossil fuels.   As a leader in your community what would you do to help reduce the effects of climate change?

(3)    There is an opioid epidemic that is sweeping the nation.  There is high opioid abuse on Long Island and a number of teens recently died from drug overdoses.  As an active teen and a community leader what would you do to prevent more deaths from opioid abuse in your community?

We are looking forward to reading about you leadership solutions to these challenging issues that impact Long Island and our nation.