Topic: Environmental Issues

Daily human activity has a strong impact on our natural environment:  climate change is affecting us in many ways.  How can we address issues of human impact on the planet?  Protecting our water, reducing carbon emissions, and using renewable energy can help us to minimize negative impact on the environment of our earth.


Impact of Climate Change

2019 was the hottest year on record: ice is melting from glaciers into the oceans and on mountain caps, sea levels are rising, animals alter their migration patterns, and natural disasters are striking more often and with a greater force.  What can humans do to slow down or reverse climate change?


Renewable Energy

Humans use the finite resources of fossil fuels as the major source of energy.  Burning fossil fuels pollutes our environment and contributes to climate change. There is also the issue of the increasing cost of as these resources become more scarce or expensive to extract.  Renewable energy alternatives hold the promise of a bright future that would allow for a cleaner air and water and also slow changes to our climate.